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Hi everyone!
Well, our first full professional skating season has come to an end... and it was a blast! We had so many wonderful experiences performing all over the world in various shows and, of course, touring with Stars on Ice in Japan, the U.S and Canada. Figure skating fans are some of the most loyal, supportive people you will ever meet and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit and perform for so many of them over the course of the last year in particular.

After our run with Sears Stars on Ice Canada came ended, the time had finally come for a much-needed vacation and now that we are back home, we can begin to formulate a new plan for the rest of the year and see what new adventures the future may hold. We are both taking University classes and trying to broaden our experiences by taking on new projects when possible. Stay tuned for news and updates as we receive them.

Enjoy the summer and hopefully we'll see you someplace soon!
-Tanith & Ben

Smuckers Stars on Ice Tanith and Ben join the biggest names in figure skating today for Smucker's Stars on Ice, America's premier figure skating tour. Check out tour dates near you.
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